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CISCO VPN Timeout Issue - JB Computerization Aug 03, 2014 Set a Custom Idle Timeout - WatchGuard The default custom idle timeout setting is 180 seconds (3 minutes). If you configure the global idle timeout setting and also enable a custom idle timeout for a policy, the custom idle timeout setting takes precedence over the global idle timeout setting. To specify the custom idle timeout value for a policy, from Fireware Web UI: Solved: How to increase VPN timeout limits? - Check Point We currently have our VPN users set to an 8 hour timeout. We have one supplier that needs this to be longer though. Is there any way to increase the length of time without doing it for all users? Currently running E80.81 for the client and R77.30 on our gateways. Disconnect when Idle feature not working: VPN using PPTP

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What is the VPN device on the onprem side. There should be some setting on the VPN side for the Idle timeout. You need to be careful while setting this because it should first be checked by the device vendor before making any changes.

You need to configure the vpn-idle-timeout command for the appropriate group-policy. If you haven't configured at specific policy for the site-to-site tunnel, it will use the DfltGrpPolicy. Be aware that changing it will affect all other tunnels using the default group policy. Session timeout? : fortinet - reddit