Oct 04, 2017

Unfortunately, I'm still failing to establish a connection. Hopefully someone will answer my request for help on the gentoo forums. Upgrading to 2.6.5 After a bit of stress with mm-dev-sources, I followed these steps from the pptpclient gentoo howto. ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -a ppp; USE="crypt" emerge … anensefi https://anensefi.blog.hu/atom blfr4@http://blog.hu ©2020 blog.hu https://anensefi.blog.hu/2017/12/13/alexx_andria_download_epub_reader_raumplaner_anwalt soft shutdown of linux vm (gentoo) |VMware Communities Aug 21, 2006


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Gentoo overlay available - D Programming Language

Gnome – Gilles Dartiguelongue - blogs.gentoo.org We had a marathon with Alexandre (tetromino) in the last 2 weeks to get Gnome 3.6 ebuilds using python-r1 eclasses variants, EAPI=5 and gstreamer-1. And now it is finally in gentoo-x86, unmasked. You probably read, heard or have seen stuff about EAPI=5 and new python eclasses before but, in short, here is what it will give you: Gentoo Mailing List Archives