How to View and Delete Browsing History on Internet Explorer. Being able to view your browsing history online is convenient if you don't want to type URLs for your favorite sites into your browser over and over again. Internet Explorer allows you to view the most recent Web sites you have visited and click on those sites to go back to them.

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Delete browsing, search and download history on Firefox

Nov 16, 2019

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Browsing history in Firefox - View the websites you have Firefox keeps track of the websites you visit in your browsing sessions. To view your browsing history: Click the Library button in the Firefox toolbar. Click History.. The History drop-down menu includes a Recent History list.; Click the Show All History bar at the bottom of that list to open the Library window. The FBI Can See Your Browsing History: What Happens Now Admittedly, internet browsing history is more intimate and potentially more revealing that phone call records – but again, there might be some issues with the FBI's data collection. According to