Nov 22, 2017

#5603 (add mac address clone option for both wifi - DD-WRT lots of problems with dupe mac, its not specified by dlink. on stock firmware the macs are not the same & devices dont get confused. setup ur dir-862L, have both ath0 & ath1 with the same ssid & password. connect ur iphone 6 to it, it should go to the 5ghz ac radio first, then move it away enough so the phone roams to the 2.4ghz radio. when it does so do a speed test on the phone, the results Linksys WRT150N & WRT160N - DD-WRT Wiki If the DD-WRT password change page does not display, your page request times out, or you can't ping, make sure both wireless and power lights are on steadily first, then do a hard power cycle (unplug the power from the router--do not do a 30/30/30 reset). Wait a few seconds and plug the power back into the router. Using Metasploit DD-WRT Exploit Module Thru Pivot Jul 21, 2009

Using Metasploit DD-WRT Exploit Module Thru Pivot

DD-WRT is a really nice way to free your router. It has a polished web interface, gives you far greater control than most proprietary firmware, and is supported on a large number of devices. The kind of things you may like to add “from the bazaar” are printer/scanner servers, adblockers, and other extras. Easy Package Management.

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How to share a printer with a DD-WRT | Full set up guide Mar 03, 2014 DD-WRT Router Guide | How to install DD-WRT & configure