Mar 26, 2017 · The Verizon FIOS router is a decent router for the money and will provide credible service and Wi-Fi access. It is much cheaper to buy one from Amazon or somewhere than to rent or buy from Verizon. The caveat there is that you will be solely responsible for its maintenance and repair.

Top comment " Great Router To Avoid Fios Rental FeeThat is not altogether a bad thing, after using the router I found that it was more of the fact that NetGear routers already had pretty well laid out settings screens, but I think this product could benefit if the settings screen was redesigned to look more appealing, and to make it have a look that is different from their older routers" 1. Much more limited range than a Comcast-compatible router, so you may have to buy a router extender. Bought this because the Verizon "chat guy" recommended it over the Gateway router. Bad advice. While this router can handle Verizon's 50/50 download/upload, that is its limit. The Gateway router is good to 1 Gigabit, and is the right choice IMO. Sep 18, 2018 · Renting a router means settling for whatever speed and security come in that rental. If you buy, however, you get to choose what type of router it is, including the number of ports, security settings, and efficiency. Financially, it makes a lot more sense to just buy the router than to rent it from Verizon. Shop for verizon dsl modem router at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up With Tri Band Technology, it is an upgrade from other Verizon routers previously offered, yet offers the same compatibility. If you're ready to replace an older router and get better wireless signals than was available in the past, consider purchasing this Fios Router. It's easy to buy one here and retire your older gateway. Power off the Verizon router, unplug its Ethernet, and wait overnight before plugging in your own router. Log into the Verizon router, release the DHCP lease, plug the Ethernet into your own router, and then power it on. Your router will obtain a fresh lease and be connected immediately. Here are the steps to release the lease from the Verizon

You can use any router with FiOS (but if you have FiOS TV and are using a non-Verizon router, you need to add a MoCA adapter for guide and on demand to work). You should be able to use a FiOS router with other ISPs, but I have no experience with this. In order to do use it with another ISP, you will need a separate modem.

If you plan to get FiOS TV or if you don't want Verizon to give you a hard time with support, you can buy the FiOS Quantum G1100 router. If you choose to buy a used one, make sure to ask the seller if the router has Verizon firmware installed, not Frontier firmware. Jul 24, 2016 · • If you don’t want to pay the $2.80-plus-tax surcharge, you can buy a refurbished Fios ME424WR G or I router for $59.99 or buy the “Quantum Gateway” that replaced it for $199.99.